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Chutney Collective

CC Podi Box - Vegetarian


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When we started CC, we knew that we had to have this ingenious thing called 'Podi' on offer and it had to be amazing!

Inspired by dry chuntey powders that originate across the Southern belt of India, we bring you our collective of Podis that is unique and representative of everything CC! This box contains 3 podis - 

Niger Seed Podi - This lesser known seed is a staple in the cuisine of the Lingayats from North Karnataka & parts of Maharashtra. When added to hot foods, it has an aroma and smokiness that makes you salivate. Toss french fries in it, use it to stuff and fry vegetables like ladyfinger and karela, mix with hot ghee and smear on dosa.

CC Furikake Podi - inspired by the Japanese umami condiment 'furikake' that is used to season rice, our version is desi at heart with coriander, curry leaves, chilli, chaat masala and so much more. Eat with rice, toss grilled veggies in it, sprinkle over paneer tikka and pop corn for a delicious new take on seasoning!

OG Peanut - Every region and community in the South of India has some version of the Peanut Podi. We just couldn’t do a podi collection without it! Peanut podi is heavenly when mixed with ghee or sesame oil and eaten with idlis and dosa.