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Bombay Duck Sukke


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Dried Bombay Duck, Dried Prawns, Onion, Garlic, Chillies, Kokum, Soy Sauce, Synthetic Vinegar, Coriander Seeds, Refined Oil, Salt, Sugar

Shelf Life

6 months refrigerated


Within Mumbai - Your order will be delivered within 2 days.

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There is a minimum order quantity of any 2 products from our store for shipping outside of Mumbai.

A tribute to the Kolis of Mumbai!

Inspired by the hard working Koli community and a shared love for this fish known as bombay duck, bummelo, boomla, bombil across different communities that reside within Mumbai and Maharashtra, our bombil chutney is everything you want to brighten up your day!
Made with dried fish, this chutney is spicy, tangy with just the right amount of savoury umami from dried bombay duck without it being over powering!
Top it over that bowl of noodles or fried rice for a flavour kick you weren’t expecting or pair it with your daily meals for a taste of Mumbai's coastline!