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Black Garlic + Tomato Thokku


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Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Kashmiri Chilli, Urad Dal, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaf, Vinegar, Jaggery, Tamarind, Refined Oil, Salt

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Tamil Nadu's favourite relish in a jar!

Inspired by 'thakkali thokku' or tomato chutney made in many homes across the South of India, we bring you Black Garlic + Tomato Thokku. 

We love the bold flavour of tomatoes cooked down for hours with curry leaves, chillies, jaggery and tamarind to a tart sour jam. But we wanted to intensify that pucker and tang and really bring out the south Indian flavours of a thokku- and black garlic was fitting in more ways than we thought!

When garlic is caramelised through a slow ageing process under a regulated temperature and humidity, the enzymes that give fresh garlic its sharpness break down. A pungent spicy bulb of garlic transforms into a mellow, molasses-like dark sticky jam that has a delicate but intensely rich taste of garlic with hints of coffee and tamarind flavour. 

With its mellow garlicky taste, almost tamarind-like notes with hints of coffee, black garlic enhances the tart, tangy, spicy, sweet flavours of a thokku with a delicious umami!

Eat with toast, parathas and dosa. Enjoy as a dip, as part of a cheese platter or as a salsa. Use it as a substitute for tomatoes when cooking to add a delicious flavour!