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Chutney Collective

Ananas + Aam Kashundi

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Mustard Seeds, Raw Mango, Ginger, Garlic, Chillies, Mustard Oil, Pineapple, Vinegar, Turmeric, Sugar, Salt

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6 months refrigerated


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Bengal's bold and potent mustard chutney, with a Chutney Collective twist!

An absolute QUEEN among the chutneys & condiments in our country, Kashundi is a celebration of mustard like no other. Our inspired version is made with raw mango and contains chunks of pickled pineapple. 
Our Kashundi has been fermented for over a period of 4 months during which the raw bitterness of mustard breaks down and develops a sharp pungency.
The juicy, sweet-acidic fruitiness of pineapple and sour raw mango compliments this pungency perfectly.
Enjoy kashundi as a dip with your favourite snacks and appetisers, mix with mayo to make a mustard mayo for sandwiches and rolls, use it to cook vegetables, seafood and chicken preparations. Use it salad dressings.