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Aged Dates + Black Lime

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Dates, Lemon, Jaggery, Spice Mix, Ginger, Bay Leaf, Salt

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6 months refrigerated


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The ultimate Khatta Meetha chutney!

This chutney is inspired by khajur-imli chutney relished across India. Our version is made with locally harvested fresh ripe dates that have been fermented for over a period of 4 months. 

The dates are fermented at their crunchy juicy, ripe stage and take on an entirely different structure than the regular dried khajur. They are moist, plump and soft, slightly acidic, very rich and concentrated in flavour.

The khatta in our chutney comes from limes and because we enjoy pushing ourselves beyond the obvious, we used black limes that we make ourselves. Originating in the Middle East, black limes are made from limes that have been boiled in salt water brine and then sun-dried.

With a supercharged sour and musky flavour, dried lemon was just the kick we needed in our date chutney along with ginger and select spices for a balanced mouthful of sweet, tang and pucker.

Enjoy our Date & Lime chutney with homemade chaat, a chutney for snacks, but also, spoon over pancakes, use in salad dressings and even in cocktail mixers!