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  • Our Story

    Chutney Collective was started by Chef Velton Saldanha In 2020. During peak pandemic Chef Velton, then sous chef at O Pedro needed a breather from his full time job in a lockdown delivery model kitchen. On his one day off during the week, Velton decided to recreate his grandma's Mangalorean prawn chutney with fresh prawns. A chutney reminiscent of his childhood summer holidays spent in his grandma's kitchen in Mangalore. With fresh local prawns, spices harvested from the backyard of the family house, made the traditional way in a manual whetstone grinder, it was the taste of nostalgia!

    Velton sent his version of the chutney to his friends and neighbours and many said - you should sell this! Before you know it, we had an Instagram page and people we didn't know were ordering chutney. In 2 months, we sold over 200 jars and by Jan 2021, we were already thinking of what next!

    A year later we have 6 chutneys, a range of podis and lots of chutney fans!

  • What We Do

    At CC the goal is simple - 

    highlight the deliciousness of Indian condimentssupport local, use quality ingredients, work sustainably and use nuanced culinary technique to bring you delicious chutneys inspired by the plethora of regional chutneys in India.

    Our range of chutneys and podis are produced in small batches from scratch in our central kitchen in Mumbai. We ship across the


    It’s fascinating how a condiment can be a single unifying factor in a country as diverse as India. Every region and community has a chutney or chutneys that define their food, culture and lifestyle. From sweet and sour to hot and spicy, tempered in oil or freshly pounded, coarse or emulsified into cohesion, India's countless versions of chutney need to be celebrated.

    With Chutney Collective, we want you to look beyond what chutney is on your plate. A necessary delicious condiment, yes of-course! But also a marinade for that fresh protein, a base for that delicious curry or sauce, a snack maker and mood lifter. Most of all an enjoyable experience laced with nostalgia and intrigue!

  • About Chef Velton Saldanha

    Velton Saldanha is the founder of Chutney Collective.

    He graduated from Kendall College, Chicago with a culinary arts degree and is a classically trained Chef. He has over 7 years of work experience that span across reputed establishments like Trident Hotel, Mumbai and renowned Michelin starred restaurants like Le Bernardin, NY and Acadia, Chicago. His last stint was at O Pedro, Mumbai where he held the position of Sous Chef for 2.5 years.

    Throughout his working career, Velton yearned to do something that connected him to his roots, to the small but heart tugging things that have stayed with him since childhood and his years spent in professional kitchens.

    He found his answers in CHUTNEY!

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